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Hat Tips – Shapes

The right shape hat for you.

Heart Face: Asymmetrical such as a saucer/disc will look perfect in a medium size. Avoid wide brims and don’t go for anything too small.

Oval Face: Lucky you! Most shapes will suit your shaped face and if you are tall go for a wide brim – you can experiment and try on as many as possible.

Square Face: Try on low brimmed hats, floppy brims and flower trimmings will soften the look.

Oblong Face: Beret and cloches at an angle look good along with saucers. Avoid small pillboxes.

Round Face: Wearing a tall hat will benefit you, asymmetrical brims and angled quills will give you an illusion of length and height.

There are no golden rules and rules can be broken. I recommend you experiment and try on all shapes you will know the right one when you see it.