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I often get asked similar queries so I have added my most frequently asked questions below.  Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Yes, we can chat through what you would like and I can send colour samples if need be and time allows.

Ideally a minimum of 4/8 weeks is needed to make a perfect head piece but the more time the better helps me. However if you don’t have this long please enquire and I will do my best to help. I haven’t let anyone down yet!

Yes please and bring any accessories if you have them.

There is always a hat for you.  Come and try some on; you will be pleasantly surprised.

I would be delighted to share my expertise and help you enjoy the experience.

My aim is to make you feel special.  I will make sure your hat fits correctly and it co-ordinates with your outfit leaving you feeling confident.

Until I see it I can’t say but 9 times out of 10 I can.

No, I’m afraid not but I do have some discounted head-wear.

Yes I will take your head measurement or I can adjust an existing hat.

It will, even on those windy days and I can put a comb on a hair band for the Saucers which will really make it secure.

Ideally, or send me your contact number and I will call you within 24 hours for a Hat Chat

The more the merrier – I had 5 ladies visit from America who all needed headpieces in 2 weeks.  I made 2 from scratch and tweaked the other 3 which I had in stock. I finished the hats on time enabling them to practise wearing them.

If you are the Mother of the Bride everyone follows your example and takes it off when you do. I find ladies like to keep it on for as long as possible and dance the night away wearing them.

I have a selection of sizes to accommodate your hat.

I can advise you on a choice of hat which won’t cause this problem. You might like to look at my photowall on my website to see my hats being worn.

I would be delighted to and if you have any particular designs you like bring them along and we can chat it through.  It’s worth remembering that I can incorporate lace, beads and sparkle if needed.

Try everything on well in advance as it is surprising how long it takes getting the right underwear, jewellery, tights, handbag and other essentials sorted. Time will be very short before the wedding and something always comes up which isn’t planned for – it’s nice to have a glass of bubbles beforehand and relax with the Bride or Groom.

With most designs I will invite you back for a fitting to ensure the headpiece/hat sits correctly, suits your face and to make any adjustments needed before completion.

If the order is in by 3pm I can send it for a before 1pm delivery next day.

I don’t have the facility for credit cards but take Bank transfers (BACS), cheque or cash.

Yes I am known for ensuring the colour and hat looks great with whatever outfit you choose to wear.

Please ring – I love a challenge and I am sure I will be able to help you.

Please take an umbrella – the Queen Mum used to hold a see-through dome shaped one which is ideal.

Let it dry out in the airing cupboard and cross fingers. If you have a hat with a crown, put tissue paper in it.

I ensure that you are pleased with the overall look – I realise that the back is very important and will make sure it looks as good as the front.

Yes, worry not I can make a bespoke headband…they are ideal. Click here to see my selection of headbands.